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Tests of protection provided by enclosures


It is determined the degree of protection provided by enclosures of electrical equipment according to the requirements of standard EN 60529. The relevant degree of protection is stated by IP code in format IPXX.The code consists of two numbers: The first number describes the protection against access to hazardous parts, solid objects and dust and is stated in the range of IP0X-IP6X.

The second number indicates the degree of protection against ingress of water and is stated in the range of IPX0 - IPX9.


Test standards

EN 60529





Test equipment for testing the resistance to dripping water - degree IPX1 and IPX2

The device is used to simulate the effect of water drops with tilt to 15°. The intensity of raindrops is set to 1 and 3 mm/min.kapající box


Drip box

Technical specification:

Dimension of dripping area 800 x 400 mm
Rain intensity     1 – 6 mm/min


Test equipment for spraying and splashing water resistance testing – degree IPX3, IPX4

Tests are performed on the device with oscillating tube unit provided with nozzles, from which sprayed water of defined amount. During the test the tube oscillate at an angel of 120° or 180° from vertical position. The test verifies the spraying and splashing water resistance of the cover.


Oscillating tube unit

Technical specification

Diameter of tube 2000mm
Angel and oscillating time

IPX3 +- 60°; 4s

IPX4 +- 180°; 12s


Test equipment for water jets testing – degree IPX5, IPX5

The testing device is exposed to water projecting by jet nozzles in all directions.


Water jet nozzles

Technical specification

Water flow 

IPX5  12,5 l/m

IPX6  100 l/m

Nozzle diameter    

IPX5 - 6,3mm                                              

IPX6 – 12,5 mm
Test distance     3 m

Test equipment for immersion testing – degree IPX7, IPX8

The test device is used for tests of enclosures immersion in water under defined conditions of pressure and time.


Water tank, pressure tank IPX8

Technical specification

Water tank dimensions

IPX7     1100 x 800 x 2000 (h x w x l)

IPX8     diameter 450 mm, lenght 1900 mm

Maximum test pressure IPX8

150 kPa (15 m depth)

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