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Laboratory equipment

On this site you will find the technical information and the parameters of the laboratory equipment used to carry out tests. The laboratory offers the possibility to rent the laboratory space and some of the test equipment to perform your own development tests.

I–Test of safety of electrical equipment–LVD

Thermal test device
Thermal imager
Hipot and insulation resistance tester
Ground bond tester
Leakage current, touch current (TC) and protective conductor current (PCC) tester
Test probes
Dust test chamber for tests of IP5X and IP6X
Oscillating tube unit for testing of IPX3 and IPX4
Water jet hose nozzle for testing of IPX5 and IPX6
Devices for testing of IPX7 and IPX8
Ball pressure test device
Glow-Wire Test apparatus
Needle flame test apparatus
Zařízení pro zkoušky plazivých proudů

II–Photometrical measurement

Integrating sphere
Spectroradiometer measuring system
Spectroradiometer with double monochromator

III –Electromagnetic compatibility tests – EMC

EMC anechoic chamber
ESD tester

IV –Climatic test and enviromental tests

Climatic chambers - 10m³, 3,4 m³, 2 m³, 1 m³
Climatic chamber with external box 0,6 m³
Solar simulating climatic chamber 1 m³
Temperature shock test chamber
Thermal chamber
Salt spray test chamber, Climate alternating corrosion test chamber
Xenotest Alpha+, Q-SUN Xenon test chamber

V - Mechanical and material tests

Static materials testing machine
Pendulum impact tester

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