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Laboratory profile

We are Czech independent testing laboratory offering comprehensive services in the field of testing engineering.

Laboratory began its activities in 1997 as the first private testing laboratory of this type in the Czech Republic. In the year 2000 we achieved the first certificate of accreditation as testing laboratory of luminaires and photometric measurements. From this year, we are stated as the testing laboratory no. 1279 accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to standard EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The laboratory is focused on the tests used to verify the technical requirements for electrical products before they are placed on the market. These are primarily tests of electrical equipment safety and tests of electromagnetic compatibility according to the relevant Europeans directives (Low Voltage Directive - LVD and Electromagnetic Compatibility – EMC). We also provide photometric measurements of lamps and luminaires, material testing, as well as developmental and functional testing of prototypes according to specific customer requirements.

We offer flexible technical cooperation to producers, distributors and importers of electrical equipment to verify and prove the safety of their products. Modern technical facilities, cutting-edge laboratory equipment, experience and expertise of the staff guarantee a high quality services.

Our benefits:

  • Professional performing of tests
  • Using of high-tech test equipment
  • Acceptable prices
  • Short terms of test executions


Březno 317, 294 06  Březno, Czech Republic | tel. +420 326 397 610 | e-mail: